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A Journey to Uncover the Truth

Linhurst State School and Hospital, the abandoned mental asylum in the small town of Spring Dale, has been shrouded in mystery as long as Jack Alexander can remember. Before her untimely passing, his mother — an investigative journalist for the local paper — had begun to inquire about the truth behind its crumbling walls. Devastated, Jack is determined to uncover the truth about Linhurst no matter what.

As he digs deeper, Jack unearths powerful secrets that have long been buried by patronizing adults and a modern day plot that threatens to destroy the property in just days and erase the memories of those who once called Linhurst home.

Working against the clock — and the better judgement of his best friend Celia — Jack slips into the abandoned property…on Halloween night. What they discover could destroy Linhurst forever or spark a revolution that could change the future of Spring Dale.

Aries First Publishing (April 5, 2017)
April 5, 2017
Amazon Digital Services LLC
320 pages
72,000 words

Freeing Linhurst is a young adult book (novel) set on the property Pennhurst State School and Hospital (as some call this the “Pennhurst Book”), in a town like Spring City, Pennsylvania, just across the river from Royersford, PA. The story is about two high school teenagers who embark on a journey to discover what lies beyond the walls of the abandoned mental hospital/institution where former patients and residents were once locked away and now roam the streets. With claims of ghosts and spirits haunting the premises, Jack Alexander can’t help but feel there is something more to the complete closure of the campus for so many decades now.

Freeing Linhurst is based on asylums like Pennhurst State School and Hospital and Byberry State Hospital, but not like some might think. While so many people interested in mental facilities and how deinstitutionalization left these places vacant but remaining–decaying and withering as a memory of how we once treated those with mental illnesses–this book captures the energy of these terrible places from the viewpoint of determined, brave and curious teenagers who carefully begin to challenge the adults in their town who put those people there.

The young adult book novel Freeing Linhurst was written and illustrated by Al Cassidy with the editing help of Rachel Elizabeth Miner and Tracy Seybold. All images copyright ©2017 Al Cassidy. All rights reserved.

Freeing Linhurst is a fictitious place and is not to be confused with the Lyndhurst Mansion in Lyndhurst, New Jersey (NJ), which also has hauntings and spirits. is also

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